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Legal services in Andorra

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We are a team of experienced lawyers with a strong background in financial and corporate law.

Lawyers Andorra

Lawyers Andorra

Updated on Monday 26th April 2021

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The values representing our law firms in Andorra are dignity, style and continuous improvement as our lawyers' objectives are compliance with the highest ethical standards in all actions taken and maintaining the integrity and competence in the legal profession. Our law firms in Andorra take the most exciting cases and strive to look the problems both in terms of the legal and proficiency. Our lawyers put the client's interests above all and our customer's success is paramount to us. The fundamental purpose of our law firms is to help our clients to transform and develop activities so they achieve success. Our lawyers also want to find the best solution for each situation quickly and effectively in order to provide full legal support.

Our law firms provide consulting and legal assistance for local and international clients in the fields of civil law, commercial law, corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, banking and finance, real estate and construction, employment, public procurement and tax law, as well as any other case brought before our experienced lawyers.  

When you want to open a business in Andorra you have to follow the certain steps provided by the law and the entire procedure may become cumbersome, it takes time, precision and a deep knowledge of the legislation. You can avoid this by working with our lawyers who have a strong background in the filed of opening a company in Andorra, no matter the form your business will take. Put you trust in our law firms' services and all the proceeding involved will be accomplished in optimum time and conditions.

Our law firms have fruitful contacts and collaboration with the best accountants in Andorra and we are able to provide full services in terms of tax compliance. Whether it is about the VAT registration, or payroll services, tax payment and other financial duties implied, our law firms will provide the entire range of services as we understand the importance of the tax compliance for your business. By working with us you will no longer have to bother about the taxes which must be paid, the payment periods and other requirements provided by the internal rulings and regulations.

Our law firms' services also cover the legal field of intellectual property and our lawyers are able to provide expert assistance in the event of acts of transmission of industrial property rights and drafting contracts of assignment. Our law firms can also offer their specialized assistance in information protection and copyrights within the company, the drafting of the internal regulations and provisions in the collective and individual work, in the procedure for granting a compulsory license and our lawyers also have the knowledge to provide you consultancy in the titles of protection.

When it comes to litigation procedures our law firms provide full services and consultancy in a wide range of procedures, from the drafting notices, requests calling for reconciliation, payment summons, petitions, notes of evidence, meeting notes. Our lawyers will also provide you representation and assistance in the courts of Andorra for the civil, commercial, administrative, tax and labor law cases.

By working with our law firms the debt collection procedures will become easier to accomplish, no matter the complexity of the case. Our lawyers will prove their skills in all the steps involved, from the demand letters and negotiations to the full representation and counseling before the court and also before other legal authorities or third parties.

The procedure of closing a company in Andorra implies several measures that must be obeyed and certain relations with public authorities. To simply this procedure and to obtain the desired results in optimum time let our law firms take care of this issue. Our lawyers' background in this legal field and our professional services will guarantee the fastest and the most successful results.